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About Sumona


Born into a family with love for art and travel, she introduced the antique jewellery craftsmanship of Bengal gharanas with an added contemporary twist.She plans to extend her understanding of design aesthetics and the innovative use of traditional craftsmanship into her clothing line.Sumona’s designs are distinct and different as she brings together the romance of her jewellery motifs into her clothes.

She draws her inspiration largely from the intricate designs of nature; and infuses traditional motifs with modern fabrics, silhouettes and cuts creating a collection that caters to the design sensibility of all age groups. Sumona Parekh has also introduced a Silver line called Sumona Silver.

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The jewellery of Sumona Silver travels the length and breadth of Colonial India during the British Raj with its most frequent foot prints to be found in Bengal. There are also impulsive inspirations in this collection where Rajbari heritage meets the Art Deco period of the western world. The Rainbow Collection is a clear demonstration of this where flowers and leaves meet sudden triangles, ovals and squares. The Romance Collection with the sheen of South sea pearls and the subtle translucent glimmer of moonstones against black onyx is the stuff of colonial-era cocktail evenings. Old world charm with new age twists and turns is the catch phrase of this Sumona Silver Collection.

We take special pride in branding our silver as "18 karat branded silver" and certifying our semi-precious stones with a laminated certified card. Every jewellery item has its own special certificate of value attached to it. Hence, there is intrinsic value to these pieces of jewellery beyond the design element and yet great flexibility because they are ideal products for destination weddings and evening parties.

Sumona Couture's Luxury Prêt Collection comprises of primary colours like red, blue, cream and white with mehendi green thrown into the mix. The cuts for the tunics and floor lengths are classic and contemporary. The hand-work on this luxury prêt collection has our sunflower motif of Sumona Couture embroidered in a subtle variation with silk threads in self-on-self finish. Outlining of the flower motif is done with zardozi work. The goal was to highlight our repertoire of embroidery skills to emphasize the cut and flow of the garments without interfering in the overall vision.

The Bridal Collection has lehenga skirts in four different cuts - traditional kalli cuts, the more modern bias cut, the figure-hugging fish cut as well as skirts in a throwback Victorian cut which has straight kallis in the front and back with circular side flares. As a result, the structure of these "old wine-new bottle" Victorian skirts is vibrant and active. They "swish" and whisper with movement when the lady is walking. The colours used are the Bridal Colours of India like sindoor red, jaipuri pink, mint green, baby pink and shocking pink. The colour of "papaya" is also a major theme in this collection. This Papaya shade of light orange has been dubbed the fashion colour of 2016. It is a beautiful light saffron-orange colour and has a feeling of spring in the midst of festive winter.